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Laser Checks
                These laser checks are compatible with the latest software version.
               We offer your choice of either Limited, Copy Alert or Economy checks.


                          “safe” icon with
                          enhanced visibility

     Limited               Economy              Copy Alert
     • 3 background styles,  • Available in your  • 5 stock paper colors: Blue, Green,
        Marble; Linen; Shell    choice of 20 ink colors     Burgundy, Brown or Purple
        Available in your choice  • Add your logo at no  • Black ink imprint only
        of 20 ink colors      additional cost   • Features Optical Deterrent Technology
     • Black ink imprint   • Security features  • Will protect your check from unwanted
     • Add your logo                               duplication and manipulation on
        at no additional cost                      majority of today’s color copiers, black
       (no screens allowed)                        and white copiers and scanners
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