Page 5 - DPA Brochure
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                      Printed in your choice of 20 Colors

                       Bleed Through Arabic Numbering
       Available for continuous checks only. The red Arabic number will now “bleed through” to the back of your
       check thus verifying its’ authenticity. No Additional Charge.
                           Micro Print Signature Line

       Type printed so small that it appears to be a solid line. You can specify what copy to use or we will default
       to the signature line used below. No Additional Charge.

                        Regulation Endorsement Backer
       Available for continuous and laser checks. No Additional Charge.
                              Background Patterns

                     New ODT    TM  Void Check Backgrounds
       Security  Check  “VOID”  backgrounds  are  available  on  check  orders,  featuring  our  new  Optical
       Deterrent Void Backgrounds. The word VOID appears in multiple locations when copied or scanned on
       most equipment. Optical Deterrent Technology  (ODT ) works most effectively when used with the
       following  standard  ink  colors:  Black,  Reflex  Blue,  201  Maroon,175  Brown,  342  Forest  Green,  209
       Burgundy  and 281 Navy. The use of other ink colors may reduce the overall effectiveness of the
       technology. Add 7% to the cost of the check order.
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