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Limited is our new offering of preprinted laser check stock which is litho imprinted in
       dense black ink.  Available in three (3) pantograph options and twenty (20) different
       ink colors, Limited provides a rich custom look at a non-custom price.  All Limited laser
       check products are Check 21 compliant.
       Professional, secure... and economically priced!

       Features Include
            Three pantograph options (marble, linen & shell)

                     Thermochromatic “safe” icon with enhanced visibility
                    Original document security backer
            (padlock icon & security features listed)
            Warning border
            Microprint border
            Level 1 security paper (invisible fluorescent fibers viewable under
            black light, chemically reactive & UV dull)
            Imprinted in dense black ink
            Available in any of our 20 standard ink colors - top, middle or bottom

       Twenty Color Choices

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