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Copy Alert™ Security Features

     Copy Alert™ is a high security
     check paper for your software
     compatible and custom checks.
     Copy Alert™ offers the best
     security features and copying
     deterrents in its’ class.

     Copy Alert™ features Optical
     Deterrent Technology, a new
     hidden word technology that
     performs second to none! This
     unique flat screen pantograph
     easily detects a forged copy,
     by voiding the face of the check.

     Technology today can provide
     anybody the tools necessary
     to fraudulently duplicate and
     manipulate your checks and
     confidential documents. Physical and chemical  document tampering still occurs, however, color
     copiers, scanners and PC’s are now the counterfeiter’s weapons of choice. Copy Alert™ featuring
     ODT™ will protect your checks from unwanted duplication and manipulation on the majority of
     today’s color copiers, black and white copiers and scanners.
     This high security Copy Alert™ Check Stock is available in both continuous and laser formats.
     We also offer the laser format in a non-imprinted format too accommodate our customers using
     a Create-A-Check Software. This nonimprinted check stock is available in five colors blue, green,
     burgundy, brown, purple and includes all Copy Alert™  security features.

                   blue                 green              burgundy            brown                purple

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